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We have added a quality line of Apparel from Kakadu Traders of Australia.

So what makes Kakadu different?

Some say that it is the unique styling that has been influenced by the varied terrain of the land down under. Others reckon that you can feel the quality of the fabrics, metal hardware and leather trims the first moment you slip on a Kakadu garment. Some think that it is the things that you can't see that tips the scales such as: Raglan sleeves, action back pleats that give a full range of action in our jackets, leather lined handles on our bags for extra comfort, and the hidden extras like button-in liners and chinstrap facilities.

Regardless of the task, Kakadu gear is up to the challenge.

We have added a line of Custom Hand Built knives that are Made In The USA by Scar Blades.

SCAR Blades, creates knives that are designed and used as rugged tools to help the military, law enforcement, and the avid outdoorsmen survive in the field no matter how harsh the conditions. Most of their knives are made from 1095 high carbon alloy, a tool steel which is known worldwide for its ability to retain a sharp edge. Each knife is powder coated and come with a custom tailor made Kydex Sheath.

We have added another quality line of Custom Hand Built knives Shadow Tech Knives.

All Materials Used In The Manufacturing Of These Knives Are USA MADE Products.

All Knives Are Custom Hand Ground And Finished.

Vertx Tactical Clothing Now Available!

Whether it's a day on the range or an evening downrange, Vertx has you covered.

THE VERTX HERITAGE Created by world-class designers to uniquely combine a low visual profile with the superior functionality of a battle garment. Vertx tactical clothing is now trusted by the nation's top operators for high performance, fit, comfort and durability.

From the original pant designed for a federal agency, the line has expanded to include comfortable, durable and functional pants, shirts and outerwear.

NOTE: Due to popular demand the "Havalon" knives and replacement blades may experience longer than normal times between ordering an shipping. Most are shipped within 7-14 days.

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